Gujarat Model - A Myth.

Gujarat Model - A Myth. 

"The bigger the lie, the more it will be believed" 
- Paul Joseph Goebbels (Adolf Hitler's Propaganda Minister in Nazi Germany).

I never believed in the myth of Gujarat Model advertised by BJP (Bhartiya Janata Party) in 2014 Indian General Election to show Narender Modi as developmental man because I have read the reports of high malnutrition deaths, most anemic mothers and poor conditions of farmers in Gujarat state. But those who believed could see the proof of it in recent agitation and violence by Patel community lead by Hardik Patel a young individual from this community. "Repeat a lie thousand times and it becomes a truth," this quote is also attributed to Paul Joseph Goebbels is holding a firm ground in the case of Gujarat Model. 

Patels of Gujarat which constitute most of the Gujarati NRI's, diamond traders, big business owners and holds important positions in the government including Chief Minister post (Anandiben Patel) are demanding reservation in the OBC (Other Backward Classes) category due to pathetic condition of their community. The community which is considered rich and prosperous if facing such a situation then you could easily judge the conditions of SC/ST and Dalit community which stands at lower end of the caste system in India. This agitation is also a slap on the claims of caste less society in Gujarat - the dream which Narender Modi also selling to the people of India after becoming Prime Minister without any steps towards its implementation.

I haven't seen any social and economical improvement in the standard of poor SC/ST, Dalit and OBC from reservation since the time I am following national politics closely (i.e last 15 years). The benefits of reservation go to a selected few while the large population remain unaffected with its effects. This is happening from the start making the idea of reservation as uplifting of backward classes worthless. Moreover it has increased the caste divide among those sections of upper castes who lost their seats to reserved candidates in spite of being more eligible for the post. Such people dislike advancement of lower castes and try to humiliate them when ever get a chance.

I see economic help as solution to this problem. Economically weaker sections from every community, caste, religion should be supported with money to study and work. Their should be no reservation only equal opportunities on qualification basis, this also mean removal of privilege classes. This would be the real social justice but the politicians which garner votes just by creating caste divide would never put worth such an idea. The possibilities of RSS propaganda couldn't be denied in Gujarat since they are not in favor of any reservations which lower caste believes is a move against their growth. I pray for safety of people in Gujarat stuck in the violent clashes between the police and demonstrators in the land of Mahatma Gandhi.  


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