Gang Of Four (Part - 11)

Gang of Four (Part - 11)

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Everything was going according to the plan. Ejaz was going to the auditions with stubble his clean shaven look bowled over many girls of his area. He became a changed person,his family and neighbors were shocked to see him in this avatar. Rajeev's meeting with Nidhi was also fixed. She met him at the gate of audition site," Hi! Rajeev", " Oh ! Nidhi ! Hi! How are you?" Arjun noticed Surbhi standing at the other side of road. Nidhi pointed out clean shave face of Ejaz ," Oh! He is clean shave, those oaths are over Rajeev?"

Rajeev was puzzled at this question,he didn't know what to say, Arjun and Ejaz left them to talk alone." Nidhi can we talk for sometime." " Ya Sure!" They went to a nearby restaurant ,Rajeev explained that Ejaz shaved for auditions only." It means our relation was not strong enough that you can shave for me", Nidhi asked in anger. Rajeev pacified her by saying that he liked her and wanted to be her friend." But you know that I hate that unclean stubble and it's not much I am asking in our relationship."

" I will discuss the matter with my friends Nidhi" , " then meet me after that when you decide something." She left him alone to think about his stubble. He asked to himself that what was the need of this stubble when they were required to curb their desires. " Now it's time to take some tough decision. I will talk to the gang." He hit the table with his fist and leaved the restaurant.

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