My Delhi Manifesto

My Delhi Manifesto

Delhi being the capital of India is already in the league of world-class cities. The high-rise buildings for residential and commercial purposes,Delhi Metro Rail service,network of flyovers and underpasses,twenty-four hour water and electricity,easy reach to educational and medical services,etc.are the things which make it to the top-level.

But there are still many problems faced by this city which need to be tackle on an urgent basis. I will like to see following changes in coming years:

1.Parking: Delhi sold the most number of cars daily in the world but space to park these vehicles is hard to get and most of them remained parked on roads which in turn creates the problem of traffic jam. This problem should be at the top of priority list.

2.Accountability: Projects are sanctioned,work on them starts but no body knows when it will end. These unfinished projects are headache for local people as they creates difficulty in commuting and becomes reason for many accidents. There is no one accountable for delays,so this accountability should be set. 

3.Safety: This is the most important issue. No body wants to visit a city where there is no guarantee for life.
Old age people,women,small children,businessman,common man,no one is safe there. There is a need for safer Delhi.

4.Corruption: The boiling issue in the country is also the point of discussion in Delhi. There is not a single work which can be done in time without greasing the palm of any government official. From birth certificate to death certificate,from ration card to licence everything moves with money. Eradicating corruption is another issue to answer.

5.Medical Facility: Government hospitals are in pathetic condition and those new which are added to the list lacks many facilities. Private hospitals are costly and out of reach of common man. Better and cheap medical facility is a must.

6.Inflation: This issue gives sleepless nights to every Indian and so is the case with Delhi. Ever increasing prices disturbs daily budget of those which have limited means of earning. Control of inflation is necessary for a tension free life of people.

7.Population: Increasing population increases the demands,here in Delhi people who are born are not the only ones which add to the population but migrants from various states add up to the population and increases the demand and burden on existing resources. Migration issue needs to be answered.

Above mentioned issues requires proper government planning and execution. They obstruct are way in becoming a better and developed city.These issues should be part of political parties contesting coming election in Delhi.

This is My Delhi Manifesto in association with

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