Naive Traveler : Manali Trip

Naive Traveler : Manali Trip

Manali is a hill station situated in Himachal Pradesh, India. Kullu an adjacent hill station is often called together with it as Kullu-Manali. Actually when you plan a trip to Manali spare one day for Kullu also which is famous for Paragliding and rafting. Manikaran another small hill town is associated with Manali which is famous for Manikaran Gurudwara and is visited for its hot springs in that area. By the way my most important aim to visit Manali is to see Rohtang Pass and believe me you need a complete one day to visit that place due to traffic on the way in spite of online permissions given by NGT (National Green Tribunal) to limit the vehicles visited that place. As always I planned to visit Manali and Rohtang pass suddenly on Eid holiday without any pre-planning and went there by private bus on Eid eve. 

Snow at Rohtang Pass

A lake in Rohtang Pass

Scenic beauty of Rohtang Pass

Rohtang Pass is beautiful throughout the route and at the final destination also. I have seen snow first time in my life there. We explore that place and even played in snow. We eat some food there which we purchased on the way but I am proud we didn't throw the garbage there and kept with us to throw it as soon as we found some suitable place. Since it was a tiring day we were unable to sit back towards home so we spend the night in the hotel. Next day we roamed around Manali as our bus was scheduled in the evening. The people who went to Manali mostly visit Kullu, Manikaran and Rohtang Pass and local sightseeing was done by limited people but the town do have some good places to see like Tibetan Monastery, Van Vihar (a garden having activities for children and around the river which flows there) Nature Park ( having old Oak Trees and housed many unseen bird species), Hidimba and Ghatothkach Temple, Manu Tample, Club House. It is better to walk to see these places as Manali traffic remain at standstill most of the times. I suggest that buses and big vehicles should not be allowed inside the town for better flow of traffic during peak season. 

Tibetan Monastery 

Van Vihar

River in Van Vihar

Mall Road, Manali

Nature Park

Hidimba Temple

Ghatotkach Tree Temple

Manu Temple 

Overall I enjoyed the trip and sharing some of the pictures I clicked here on my blog. Strangely this is my first post of this month which is bad on my part. I will encourage myself to write more in the future. 


  1. Have heard a lot about the beauty of nature of Kullu-Manali and seen some pictures here.
    Nice read as well.

  2. Lovely pics. Manali is on my wish-list!
    Do write more.


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