World Environment Day

World Environment Day 

A day is dedicated to think and take care of the environment. But it is not a one day task and need our continuous efforts to reuse, reduce and recycle.  From past more than 100 years we forget about the environmental changes and damages due to our unplanned growth models as a result of which we are now experiencing global warming which are shrinking our glaciers posing threat to our coastal areas, endangering wildlife, depletion of ozone due to increase in Chlorofluoro Carbons , etc. 

Since world is not build in a day, we have no second chance to restore it back to the normal but we can reduce the damage and help its further increase. Reducing carbon footprints i.e. the emission of carbon dioxide gas in to the atmosphere should be our first priority this can be done by using more public transport which are using green fuels or emitting less pollution. Industries which produce more pollution should modernize to decrease it. Cars on road should be reduced so are things which are responsible for damaging the environment. We must plant more and more trees because there is no better way to do your bit to save the environment than to plant trees. They not only gives us life running Oxygen but also cool the atmosphere. It is also an integral part of water cycle responsible for bringing rain which is the main source of drinking water. Using water wisely, saving the consumption or power, generation more power through renewable sources of energy, protecting wildlife and many more such measures should be adopted by all of us to save the environment.

Sadly we are dealing with many other problems to think about environment first but we can make it our priority to select the law makers who are concerned with protecting the environment so that they can get chance to work towards that field. This is just a small article as a reminder of our duties towards our world and environment you can read many things more offline and online to plan your role for the environment. Till next post God bless the world


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