Book Review : Warrior

Book Review : Warrior

Warrior is written by Olivier Lafont popularly known as Suhas Tandon of 3 Idiots and is published by Penguin Books India . I have received this book from the author. Lafont is a multi-talented and versatile personality who writes fiction, feature film screenplays, and editorial pieces, but also acts in feature films, endorses some of India’s most popular brands on television, and lends his voice to many media in many languages. A French polyglot, Lafont pursues his eclectic interests at the highest standards having worked with some of India’s most acclaimed directors on films like 3 Idiots, Guzaarish and two Hollywood films. This book is a fantasy fiction set in modern day India.

Cover : Cover is eye catching. The modern day warrior looks stunning at the background of crumbling world. The image glorifies the title and increase interest of the readers.

Plot: The world is facing it's end. Saam the last demigod son of the Destroyer - Lord Shiva on earth could only save the world from destruction at hands of his father. Saam who lives as a watch mender with love of his life Maya in Mumbai went on his journey to save the world along with six other companions including Maya and his half-brother Ara with whom he has estranged relationship. The journey with an undecided end let him discover love, trust,deceive before its final conclusion. How he save the world? Who deceive him? Will he gets united with Maya? The path to stop the End of Days is littered with death,danger and betrayal.

Thriller : This fantasy fiction will change the way you see the gods. The story is engrossing and the narrative is simply superb. How the mythology is mixed with the modern times is commendable. The way history,mythology, facts are blended with fiction make it real and believable. The language is easy to understand and the procedures and back stories are thoroughly explained which makes understanding of the narrative easier. 

Spoiler : The narrative becomes slow in the middle and thus stopping the further movement of the story. Somethings are unnecessarily added in the narrative which distracts reader from the original plot.

Verdict :  A must read for the way the subject is treated. An amusing and entertaining journey into the fantasy world existing with the real world.

Rating : I would give it 4/5


  1. despite the slow middle as you have said , it seems interesting . The eye of the man on the book cover reminds me of Hrithik Roshan's light coloured eyes !
    Nice review Cifar :)


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